Thursday, February 1, 2007

A Non-US Wanker Writes on Masturbation and Shame

If you're familiar with my "other" sites, you may have picked up on the fact that there are elements of erotic humiliation throughout. The Mindful Wanker writes the following on his blog today, addressing the subject of shame and masturbation. I *highly* recommend reading the entire article, especially if you're a masturbator who finds humiliation arousing, and you're puzzled as to why:

Dirty nasty sex can be fun. For example, I'm obviously fascinated by masturbation, my own and other peoples', and there's no doubt that a part of what makes wankery--especially talking about it, watching or being watched--so exciting is that doing so can feel naughty and subversive.

But Water's remarks imply that sex without shame would necessarily be less fun--would lack the edge that shame gives it--and I'm not sure that's true. Shame, power, control, humiliation, are all ingredients that can make for a very sexy recipe. But let me suggest that these should be voluntarily added, a choice, like wearing a fur teddy or not, like deciding to play "prison shower," or not. There are other possibilities....

What a Shame - Read the rest of the post here

I'd like to see some comments about this article. I've often wondered myself, why so many (INCLUDING myself) find humiliation to be quite erotic.

Maybe it's just because we're American, if this writer's thoughts are accurate!

But the subject asks for deeper observation. Let's discuss.