Friday, February 2, 2007

CFNM Anyone?

Have you ever heard of CFNM?

At least once a week I am asked what that acronym stands for.

You're probably into it, at least a little bit, and you don't even know it.

So think about this - when you fantasize about being watched while you masturbate, do you picture the woman (or women) in your fantasy naked along with you? Or do you picture them clothed?

Please post in the comments. I want to know if this more typically a D/s - femdom type fantasy, or if there are masturbators who consider themselves pretty vanilla except for the fact that they like to be watched while they masturbate in front of a clothed woman, or a group of clothed women.

From the results of my poll on my website, it seems that most guys "over there" are into it.

But you know what pervs those guys are hahaha

Leave me a comment and let me know your take on CFNM.

Madame Masturbatrix


Gator said...

Hi Ally I have been into for about 2 years my ex girlfriend told me about it and I have done it several times with her and her friends, its a real turn on for me, thanks!

The Masturbatrix said...

I think it's a very sexy scenario too, myself! I have never done this with a group of women, but I have had scenarios where Mr Ally has jacked off for me while I was fully clothed (such as when I've been driving and he's a passenger in the car) and it's very hot - something about keeping one's clothes on automatically gives that person authority over the naked, exposed individual.

tullymars said...

Hello Ally,
I fantasize about CFNM but have not done it in person, only on webcam. This would be VERY exciting to do "live".

The Masturbatrix said...

So if you could do it live, would you prefer it as a one on one situation, or a group of women?

Sheen V said...

I love CFNM fantasys!

Mike said...

I love CFNM and think about it all the time! What I don't understand is the reluctance of women to participate. I have posted local ads numerous times, but have never received any replies. Is this a safety issue and they're concerned about anyone making such an offer? I remember some of my female friends from long ago seeming interested by male strippers, but I was too chicken to suggest this type of idea then. Where can I find women willing to watch?

Tempster said...

I think it has to do with who is watching who. I like me to be the one who is being looked at and observed. If she is not dressed, it's a distraction. I guess I'm selfish.

majors2410 said...

Great topic. I'm a total exhibitionist and love CFNM. Its such a turnon to jack off in front of women and have them see your hard cock. I prefer groups but any situation where i can be nude for a sexy clothed women is fun. I have been photographd nude by a female as well. A very enjoyable time. Its gret to meet ladie that arnt shy about looking at a full nude male body. I love all the open minded ladie that will watch.

Bravo Charlie said...

Hi there, i've just found this blog!

I have a real fetish for clothed women - i often fantasise about masturbating in front of a fully-clothed woman although i've never done it. I think i would get off on a slightly humiliating side to it, ashamed but not able to stop!

jerkboy said...

Hi Masturbatrix,

My greatest turn-on in the whole wide world would be: To be completely naked with my circumcised peter and nutsack shaven completely clean of all hair like a little boy, and constantly be in the presence of classy mature fully-clothed strict sexy women. I know that I am very handsome, cute and sexy and I would get a kick out of showing myself off to these types of women.

I would love to be a servant for them and a playtoy. I would love the embarassment and humiliation of being a little naked jerkboy for their amusement. I would love to be called names and made fun of constantly, and teased about how short my peter is all the time. I would have to measure it in front of them everyday. My peter is about 5 inches long and on the thick side, but I would still love the small penis humiliation by them. I'd love to have them take pictures and videotape me and I would obey anything they asked me to do, or I would get spanked with a paddle and even cry real tears in front of them.

I would like to act like a young juvenile boy around them. I would have to wear a custom belt that held a bottle of astroglide lube on one side...and on the other side would hang my own personal black plastic cumplate with my name acrossed it, which happens to be "BRAD". I would also have to wear nipple clamps on my hard thick red nipples, which sends shock waves to my peter. I would also have to wear a small cock dildo in my butthole for them all the time too. I would have to fuck my asshole in front of them also with cock dildos, along with having my nutsack and balls all tied up when they wanted to. I would also have to have the word "JERKBOY" tattoed on my chest, so the whole world would know that all I do is Jerk-off. I would not be allowed any intercourse with a woman, but only allowed to jerk-off in front of fully-clothed women, for the rest of my life, and told that the only thing my short peter is good for is to be openly jerked off, because my peter and balls could never satisfy a woman.

Then whenever my peter would start growing and get hard and erect, then I would have to jerk-off at that moment in front of them. Of course I would have to get my bottle of lube and my cumplate off of my "Jerkbelt". Then I would have to lube up my hard bald peter and nutsack real slippery-like. Then I would have to hold out my black cumplate and begin to jerk-off my stiff bald swollen peter, while the ladies teased me and called me jerkboy. The ladies would ask me over and over if I was going to eat my hot cum in front of them, and I would have to tell them that, I would love to eat my hot tasty sperm and semen for them.

Then I would keep jerking off and sticking my bald peter out as far as I could, with the cumplate under my fat dripping peterhead...till I felt my orgasm start to hit me. Then I would choke the chicken and milk my peter around the neck and shoot ribbons of hot spermy noodles of white satin all over the black cumplate as I moaned and whimpered like a little girl. Then the cumplate would have fresh cloudy semen strands that I would bring up to my face and mouth...and I would stick out my pink tongue and start lapping it all up like a little kitten drinking its warm milk. I would lick up every drop of sperm and swallow it all down, amidst all the name-calling of "cumeater, jerkboy and etc."

I would love to jerk-off and eat my hot jizz in front of fully-clothed women everyday of my life and I would be totally happy. I am not gay, but I love jerking off and eating my cum for women.

Of course, some of the women would figure that since I know how to handle a hard peter so well...that I should probably start playing with other hard peters along with my own. Like I said, I am not a homosexual...but if classy mature fully-clothed women wanted to see me jerk-off other hard peters, then I guess I would for the humiliation factor, but most of all...for the ladies! But, the only thing I would ask for, is for them to be shaven bald and clean of all cockhair from their peters and balls.

Now if I was told to jerk their peters off over a cumplate and told to lick up other mens spermy loads...then for the ladies and the humiliation factor, even though I'm not gay...I would lick up and eat and swallow other mens big sperm loads too.

And if I was told to suck off other mens bald peters...guess what...I would do it for the beautiful sexy stern mature ladies...because their teasing and laughter is the most beautiful music to my ears.

So, if you would like to read more of my stories similar to this one...just e-mail me Masturbatrix...because I would love to share all my sexualality with you.

Thank you,
From your cumeating jerkboy,
Bad Brad

Beloved Console said...

I fell upon this topic accidentally recently when browsing for porn. There was a pic of this guy totally naked and erect surrounded by clothed females.

I find this hot, because in our society men have the power.

I like a situation where this is displaced, as noted above.

I wouldn't be interested in the women being mean, there are some CFNM things which are into humility; no, it's more like, I am a white male, society has imbued me with all this power and denied it to you. Oh, look. I'm naked.

The ideal scene would be one where the clothed women assembled had been wanting to see you naked or vulnerable, and you all got together, and they enjoyed you sharing that with them.

That would be awesome.

Lemuel said...

I'd say it's a femdom thing for me. I just did CFNM the other day with my girlfriend for the first time and it was one of the most exciting things I've done in a long time. I love being at her mercy, and I loved feeling vulnerable all the time. And I especially loved later on when she had me put on panties and a bra, use her vibrating dildo on myself, and masturbate while she sucked my nipples.

Craig said...

Hi Ally, a few months ago my girlfriend and I were enjoying some foreplay and she put my hand on my penis and told me to masturbate for her! I did and have been fantasizing about it since then! I love it!!! I had a dream about doing it for her and a friend; I told her about it and she seemed to like it and has been asking me for nude photos ever since. How can I help to take the next step to make this a reality?

mlr said...

I like to strip naked in front of my GF while she's completely dressed. Then I like to masturbate for her while she watches. I would LOVE to do it for a small group of women who order me to strip and play with myself. When I masturbate in front of my GF I imagine she invites her friends to watch.

Ally, I will do it for you ANY time. Just let me know.

Dirk said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Spanky Wanky said...

I had a fantastic experience recently. I was getting a massage, and while chatting with her, she asked if I had ever gotten a massage in Asia. Then she asked me what kind. At first, I was a bit shy about it, but finally admitted to getting happy endings. She informed me that she couldn't do that, but that I could. She offered to leave me alone so I could masturbate in private, but I asked her to stay and watch. (Just typing this is making my cock squirm. May have to go relive the pressure). She stayed, right next to me, and lightly scratched my thighs. She stayed clothed, and looked right at me as I shot my cum. Then she left to get a warm towel to clean me, and left the door open. At least one other masseuse walked by right then, and briefly looked in. It was very erotic walking out of there as she was talking to the other women as I left. I know that every they all knew that I had just jerked my cock. I can't wait to go back there again.

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