Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Under the Desk...Literally

Now tell me...Is Mr. Ally the only one who's ever done this?

Mr. Ally has some pretty impressive entries on his professional resume, and goes to work looking pretty GQ'd out. One of my favorite pre-Me stories of his masturbation adventures occurred when he was working for a very large company peripherally involved with the security of our nation. For a period of time while he held this position, one of the items on his daily to-do list was taking his laptop under the desk with him and jacking off while watching housewives peform naughty sex shows on webcam, in their kitchens and living rooms, under his direction.

Now one might think that at the offices of a company with such responsibility as protecting national security, there would be sufficient video surveillance to prohibit such illicit activities during worktime - such was not the case.

No, free from the camera's prying eye, Mr Ally was free to carry out his daily directorial activities, under his big wooden desk, and no one was the wiser.

Except for me, later on, after he'd left that place and moved into Allyland.

I'm thinking, that must have been some pretty big desk to be able to accomodate a man nearly 6 feet tall, a laptop computer AND a flailing palm and forearm!

Many of my masturbation fantasies revolve around a man engaging in such risky at-work masturbation activities. The wrongness of it, the boldness, the height to which the desire has risen, high enough to lead a man to decide that jacking off under the desk to housewife webcam porn is a pretty good idea - it's just so hot.

So I want to know - is he just a masturbating freak? Or have you guys done similar things as well?

Masturbation Mistress


David said...

Well, I've never done it at work, but I have at school, with my roommate asleep and only about 5 feet away. Did you say that those women were under his direction?

CockSeed said...

I've done it at work many times... and taken pictures lol

It's hot.