Friday, January 12, 2007

Sshhhhh.....Masturbating in Bed

Topic for Discussion:

Have you ever masturbated in bed, to completion, with someone sleeping (or whom you assume is asleep) next to you?

If so, who was it?

Did they wake up?

If they woke up, what was their reaction?

If they didn't let you know they woke up, at the time, did they mention it, directly or subtly, the next day?

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The Masturbatrix


Anonymous said...

I have done a lot of this while my wife sleeps. It is a huge rush because, well, let me start from the beginning. Originally, I started doing it because we were not having sex enough for me and, at that time, I got a rush off of the possibility of getting caught. One time she did catch me, however, and it was not pleasant. She hates masturbation. We have talked about it before and she essentially sees it as a form of cheating in a sense. Something I would choose to do instead of having sex with her and having fantasies during masturbation that may or may not involve her. I have patiently tried to educate her on masturbation, expose her to masturbation during sex (she hates it), and convince her that masturbation can be a very healthy thing to do and include in our sex life. To no avail. Anyway, when she caught me she got very upset and told me that if I have to do it then I should do it but don't let her know about it. She was really pissed. It took me a while to work up the courage to do it again after that, but I did. There are times when I think she may actually be awake but she does not want to confront me - which I, oddly enough, find to be a turn on. Sometimes I may leave some subtle evidence around for the next morning - I have many stories about this. Once in a while, I take off my shirt, pull my shorts down to my knees, roll on my side facing away from her, and position the blanket so that it is off my torso, barely covering my hips so my cock is exposed on the other side and available to be easily accessed. This makes it really tough to hide what I'm doing quickly if she turns over suddenly and makes getting caught a higher possibility - risky, but fun. Sometimes my heart gets beating so hard I swear it must be shaking the bed. I would bet that 95% of the time that I play with myself while she is sleeping I masturbate to orgasm. This is a masturbation practice that I really enjoy and and do a lot.

The Masturbatrix said...

You raise an interesting subject: Some women's opinion that masturbation, and fantasy that doesn't involve one's partner, is "cheating".

One time in college, I asked my then-boyfriend what he thought about while masturbating. As I've revealed in an earlier post here, I almost exclusively fantasize about my current partner, even when we've been together for years. So, it wouldn't have surprised me if he had said "you" - either because it was the truth, or, more likely, because he thought it was what I wanted to hear (haha).

But he was honest, and I can still hear his answer to that question? "Why would I fantasize about you? I already have you."

And I was very thankful for his answer! That point was probably the start of my trying to understand the general differences between male and female fantasy, and perhaps male and female fantasy.

And I can actually empathize with your wife, ATC - if she didn't feel like she was getting enough sex either, then she'd probably be offended by your frequent masturbation.

But if your partner is not interested in sex, then isn't masturbation the ideal outlet?

The Masturbatrix

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, she is a once a month kind of gal. Whenever I have approached her about more, I always get shot down. Masturbation is a necessary outlet for me and fortunately an outlet that I thoroughly enjoy. She just has a very difficult time wrapping her mind around the idea of masturbation. Of all the various activities I have wanted to incorporate into our sex life over the years, I always thought that eventually I could win her over on this one if I am patient. After all, we never have sex without me masturbating her to orgasm as a form of foreplay - I would bet that she has never considered what we do to be a form of masturbation. I do.

Anonymous said...

I often masturbate in bed while my wife sleeps. But she knows I do and there is no issue. Still I am careful not to wake her because I don't want to disturb her. I masturbate very slowly with just the tips of my fingers on my penis. When I orgasm I try to move as little as possible. Only my heavy breathing gives me away.

Handyman said...

When I come home at night I have to release some edorphines before I go to bed. What better way than to have an orgasm. My wife is usually asleep, so when I get home 3 out of 4 nights I'll get my fleshlight out sit on the edge of the bed and masturbate for about 15 minutes. The air releasing from the fleshlight usually will wake my wife up and once she recognizes the sound she goes back to sleep. I love having orgasms whether its with my wife, my fleshlight or my hand. I'm addicted to the endorphines like some people are addicted to nicotine.
My wife is not threatened by my masturbation habit. She can't keep up with my needs so it saves her from another full time job. As a matter of fact when she's getting ready for work she will give me a handjob knowing I love the look and feel of her legs in control top pantyhose. Now sometimes I'm not quite awake and aroused and she can't get me to climax. She'll then tell me that she can't keep the pace up and I have to take over. So then I use my one hand feeling her legs and ass and the other pumping my penis.
It's all good.

Keith said...

I love to Masturbate,I usually do so, several times a day, and have done so in my car, while parked also a few times while driving, at work (in bathroom).
One night while visiting friends in the city wehre i grew up (I live out of state now)I got a flat tire, so I called a friend, and she came and picked me up, it was closer to go back to her place then take me to where I was staying.
She said I could sleep in her bed, but to keep hands to myself.
She fell asleep prety fast, so I lowered my shorts and began masturbating, she was wearing a nighty, so I carefully pulled it up
over her chest, exposing her pussy and tits, I continued to masturbate while looking at her naked body, I shot my load all over my chest, and carefully lowered her nighty.
The next morning, she was in the shower, and I woke up hard, so I began to masturbate again, and came on her sheets, just as she walked in the bedroom.
To my knowledge she doesn't know what happened.

Austin said...

Oh yes...I found this little game early in life! I grew up in a large family with 5 sisters. There were many times when there would be more bodies than beds when friends would stay over and it was not uncommon for me to have to share my bed. I still remember the first time I masturbated in my bed with one of my sisters friends sleeping next to me. I was either 12 or 13 and she was a senior in high school. She had been staying over at our house for years and the perception among my family and he was it was just like sharing with another sister. Honestly I just had the normal hourly hard on of a young boy and couldn't resist. I took two fingers and using very short strokes only moving my fingers right under the head I came in minutes. I don't think she had a clue, but you never know.

Since then I have used this same technique a number of times when sharing a bed platonically with a friend :)!

shadowpuddle said...

When I was 15 and living at my brother's house there used to be a lot of his girlfriend's friends spending the night. They were older girl in early to late 20s. One morning I got up to find one of her friends on the couch passed out. Carefully I knelt by her and took out my cock and masturbated next to her face. When I worked up enough precum I rubbed it on her lips then blasted my cum load on her shirt. I never mentioned it to her at all.

shadowpuddle said...

When my ex wife and I were having problems I used to masturbate in bed next to her almost every night. I could get my fingers in her pussy them smell them or use her dirty panties to smell while I thought about her laying there asleep. Sometimes she admitted to being awake. Other nights I would feel her masturbate next to me and just let her be.

Once I found her boyfriend's T shirt under her pillow and confronted her about it. I told her to wear it then fucked her hard and cum on the shirt then I gave it back to her boyfriend.

sean said...

i do most nights next to my partner, she doesnt care unles siwake her then she gets pissed, well because she is up early, but she is a heavy sleeper so its easy, but sometimes when i can tell shes really out of it, i will use her hand to masturbate me and once or tice i have cum in her mouth and watched her swallow it and she a eww look on her sleeping face, ive told her what i do and she gets offended but not too mucha nd i know really it turns her on becuas eeverytime the subject comes up we have sex that night and she likes me to kneel over her face and masturbate while she also masturabtes

its all good :)

Anonymous said...

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Beloved Console said...

This is hilarious; it is so liberating to see someone talking about stuff which heretofore has been so private.

My problem is, whenever someone spends the night, whether male or female, I usually get aroused, and then I have to masturbate to fall asleep.

So there have been times when I'm laying in a sleeping bag on the floor at a friend's house or mine, and someone else is there, usually male, presumably sleeping, and I'm very quietly jacking off.

Then I'm done, and I can go to sleep.

In the past I would go to the bathroom and take care of it, but something about that was difficult; the bright light, the cold.

I assume that no one has ever known that I've done this, masturbated in bed practically right next to them, but I don't know.

Beloved Console said...

You had mentioned discovering that men masturbate to different visions even though you are their partner.

I totally understand your college ex's response.

I rarely fantasize about someone I'm with, because I'm already with them.

And it's better to have sex with them than to fantasize about having sex with them, there's no point.

The point of fantasy for me is to enter realms which are simply forbidden here, whether it's people at work, or someone you saw at the bank or the store.

You can go to that place and be intimate with them, something you are not allowed to do in reality, for various reasons.

And if you were, you wouldn't fantasize about them. Ha!

Although sometimes when I've been with a woman, I might fantasize her doing something that she doesn't want to do. I was with a woman who insisted it was not okay to cum in her mouth, or on her, anywhere. So of course sometimes I would imagine those things with her.

Jannis27 said...

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