Monday, January 1, 2007

My Boyfriend, on Xtube

Early in the Christmas season, I found - I know it's been around a while; I found my way to the site when I saw a post on some message board about the fact that they'd reached 1,000,000 members.

So that got me thinking.

My boyfriend has a very sexy video of himself masturbating. Totally naked, no one else there, just him and the camera, getting to know each other. It looks great. I've thought about that video many times since I watched it - it still "works".

He's also expressed an interest in making his cock into an Internet Star. Not himself, just his cock. He's too entrenched in the corporate world to go "facial", so we'd have to limit our marketing and production to just neck-down videos.

And that would be okay. He looks great from the neck down as well as the neck up.

So I got this idea. I have the masturbation fetish, he has the Internet Cock-star aspirations. How about a digital video camera for Christmas?

We only live together half the week, so, my perverted thinking was selfish, of course: make him film all his jackoff sessions, put them up on xtube, and I could watch them. Jackoff videos: just like being there.

Then we took it to the next level. I said, I will make you an xtube cock start and then we'll start a site featuring videos of you masturbating. What would be the hook? I know, "The guy who jacks off everywhere." Film him in the shower, the kitchen, the living room, the car, the hotel room, the office, my office...We even got as far as to register a domain name for the site: (dont go there, there's nothing there - yet.)

He said, no one would pay to see a headless guy jacking off. I said, xtube is one of the most popular sites on the Internet and all there IS on that site is headless guys jacking off. If you cum, they will come. I thought the idea could fly, with the right promotion behind it. I still do.

So we ended up getting a wide screen television instead: on another message board I was reading, someone posted a link to a 42" flat panel on sale at, with free shipping! But we got the video camera anyway, a few days after Christmas, for yet another website idea that's being tossed around, and we did produce some "editing practice footage" of - yep - a masturbation session.

Ya'll wont ever see that one, not even you future members of the future site: Its way too sterile and staged and it's incomplete because I made him stop and we shut off the camera because, well...because watching him "do that" makes me want him to stop doing that something else.

So, we did.

But watch for a headless guy stroking his meat on xtube soon...See if you can pick him out in the crowd. He's the one with me in the background, telling him how to stroke it...

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