Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Masturbator's Poll: Have you Ever Masturbated on the Phone...

...and the person you were talking to didn't know it?

Leave a comment and let me know.


Anonymous said...

I only did this once, but it was very exciting. It was a new girlfriend at the time and we had not had sex yet. For some reason, her voice always really turned me on. We were talking late one night about nothing very important when I realized I was getting very hard. I quickly stripped down and began stroking. I probably stretched it out for fifteen or twenty minutes. I must have sounded a little distracted because a couple times I remember her asking me what I was doing. I couldn't decide if I should orgasm or not because I didn't know how quiet I could keep it. Finally, I decided I couldn't deny myself (I was young) and I shot my load. I remember a small grunt escaping and I tried to cover it up by clearing my throat. It was a total rush - I don't know why I haven't ever done it again. I also remember jerking off again after I got off the phone - thinking about what I had just done.

Mac said...

More times than I can remember!

The Masturbatrix said...

Details mac! I want details!


Anonymous said...

I would say I have played with my naked penis while on the phone to unsuspecting (and usually boring) callers. But I have never masturbated to orgasm. Once I was receiving harrassing calls from several teenage girls and toyed with the idea of using the opportunity to get a free phone-sex experience. I wonder how they would have reacted to my heavy breathing, moaning, and final elated shout of orgasm? But then, who knows who was on the other end of the line. Discretion ruled in that case.

The Masturbatrix said...

I have a "thing" for surreptitious masturbation. I must say, when I am "manning my dispatch line" (i.e. fielding the calls that come in to my service, which I process and pass along), if I hear a guy audibly masturbating I get irritated, not aroused. I suppose context is important.

But the thought of someone doing it *secretly*, while talking to me about something that has nothing to do with sex, quietly enough that I don't know about it, turns me on.

But, it's a thought that can only turn me on in theory, or retroactively. Because if someone was doing it, then it doesn't correspond with my arousal formula for this particular interest.

Speaking of secret masturbation, I'm about to post another question related to one of my turn-ons: "Have you ever masturbated in bed with someone sleeping next to you (or pretending to be asleep next to you)? This one is a HUGE turn on for me and so far as I know, it hasn't happened to me yet...Well actually, it probably has, but I probably slept through it!

Phone Sex Masturbation Madame

Handyman said...

I've never called a phone sex line, but I have had phone sex with my wife and past girlfriends.

rob said...


Dharma Lion said...


It is actually usually in situations where there is something upsetting about the call and the sexual pleasure of masturbating helps to dull that upset.

For example, once I needed to call a woman who was treating me very badly, threatening to sue me unfairly, etc. I would have been too upset to talk to her without my penis being hard. So I masturbated my penis to erection before calling her and then slowly masturbated to keep my penis hard throughout the call. That actually helped me remain calm.

Lara said...

i masturbate regularly with a guy i met on msn.im 17 and hes 18. we get on rly well and from the beginning had talked about boyfriends / girlfriends and experiences etc and that kind of led on to talking about masturbation and then to kind of describing fantasies. the first time, he admitted he was masturbating while he was talking to me was on msn and asked me to do the same. and i described what i was doing while i was doing it.

after that we began to start talking on the phone. Now we have been talking for about a year and we have got some really detailed fantasies going involving masturbation and having sex with each toher. i really get off hearing him telling me what hes doing and he loves it when i rub myself until i eventually orgasm. we send pictures of ourselves naked to each other and talk not every day but pretty often. we have phone sex sometimes a lot, sometimes just once in a while. recently its been a lot. and its been getting quite intense.

during the past year weve been doing this, i had a boyfriend for 4 months and he went out with a girl for about 3 months. when we were having sex with real partners we continued talking to each other and sometimes had phone sex as well. we felt a bit guilty about it but sometimes talking to each other about sex and making each other come was a good thing. it kind of helped us understand how we could make real sex better.

we always tell each other what we do with other people. i dont mind it and sometimes it turns me on. he gets jealous but he knows its stupid to.

sometimes the phone sex is really awesome and recently weve decided we really want to take it to the next level andemeet and try and do what we fantasize. its been quite hard becasue we both live at home with our parents. but hes just left school and im nearly 18 so we are able to go away on our own . which is what we are going to do.

our biggest fantasy is to mastrubate for each other. with the other one looking on. this is what we plan to do the first time we meet which is hopefully going to be in 2 weeks.

im nervous but so excited. i have masturbated in front of a guy before twice (my exboyfriend and a fling) and both times found it a real turn on. my ex used to hold himself and wank for me before we had sex but i want it to be mutual. our first time is going to be awesome. i hope.

yeh so thats it really,

Lara said...

im 18 and in my last year at school. theres this guy i know whos hearly 19 and we have been regualarly having dirty conversations where we build up a fantasy story and both masturbate while we do it. we describe how we are masturbating at the same time as desercibing how we would like to have sex, and describe each stage in great detail. we have never had sex properly with each other although we both want to. we have phonw sex a lot becasue its hard to meet. but we are not going out with each other. we both get off fromwatching a partner masturbate and although we dont get to meet to do it much, we masturbate regualrly on the phone. and rly enjoy hearing each other come and have gotten quite good and simultaneous orgasm.

CockSeed said...

Yes, I have done this a couple of times while talking to my sister in law. I pulled her pic up on my phone and had to really control my breathing. I have such a crush on her.

I also did it once while talking to a co-worker who called me while I was jacking off in a hotel room. She was in the same hotel, only a few rooms away so that made it really, really hot.

I've done it with my wife a few times too... but that's just not quite the same. ;)