Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I Wonder...

I'm wondering when Mr Ally has time to masturbate. Or rather, I'm wondering when he does it, how he does it, does he do it differently than he does when I'm not at his house...

Because, for the first three years we were together, we kept separate households. Lately, I've been spending at least half the week at his place, sometimes more. And though that's been working out a lot more smoothly than either of us thought it would, I still wonder about the jerking off issue.

Cuz though he'll swear he doesn't like jerking off, from what he's told me about his masturbation practices in the past, he's an at-least-once-a-day guy, sometimes more, I think he told me the most he's done in one day in recent years was 7 times...

And now never? I don't believe it!

So hmmmm, I wonder how I could arrange to catch him. Our schedules are so different. I usually go to bed around 5 or 6 a.m...he usually gets up around 8 or 9. So that leaves about 5 hours of me-sleeping time when he could me whacking off all over the place and I'd never know it.

And HE knows I'm a very deep sleeper...so I don't think he'd be TOO hesitant to indulge.

Any bets on how soon he'll get caught? Consider the factors that I don't think he'd mind too much if he did get caught (though he's not one of those men who'd get off on it, to my knowledge...), and the fact that I WANT to catch him. Not to get him in trouble, of course, and not to embarrass him...

But because it would be WICKED sexy.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

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Thursday, January 18, 2007


I am going to be on vacation starting Friday 1/19. If you're interested in scheduling a masturbation interview for the week of 1/28 when I return, please email me using the link on the Masturbation Interviews site and I will let you know.

Tentatively planned Masturbation Interviews include Sabrina of Sabrina in Stockings and MWK. If there are any other women or men in the Masturbation community that you'd like to see interviewed on this new site please let me know and I'll see if we can arrange it.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Masturbation Balance

I was chatting with one of the women I work with last night, and she mentioned she'd read my blog. She said, "I'm glad my boyfriend isn't totally into masturbation. I'd worry that he'd eventually be unable to have 'normal' sex."

Richard from Peter Files had touched upon this as well, when we chatted online during his interview the other night. He says, he can maintain an erection strong enough for masturbation, but not for intercourse (read the Peter Files Interview, if you missed yesterday's post...)

I'll admit: I have an attraction to compulsion, in others, to that sexy and scary and powerful, out-of-control state of mind that comes along with the territory, when dealing with anything that can become too pleasurable. That state of mind produces such a strong energy - perhaps a frenetic and mostly useless energy, useless if it's not harnessed and directed and controlled.

Masturbation is also so much EASIER than sex with a partner. Quicker, less complicated, less involved. Less fulfilling? Well that's up to the individual to decide. But the simplicity and self-indulgence CAN become addictive, and the masturbator who wants a well-rounded, full sex life, should take care not to become an exclusive masturbator, incapable of enjoying a sex act that involves another.

From a distance, I can take pleasure in the compulsiveness of your chronic masturbation. But closer to home, when dealing with my own sexual partner, would I prefer that he become a compulsive masturbator, to the exclusion of a sex life with me?

Noooooooooo way!!

So, in as much as your chronic masturbation is a part of who you are, I will enjoy it, and encourage it, and write about it and give you a place to feel "okay" about it.

But if you come to me one on one, seeking advice or an ear (and if you ask for an ear I will inevitably give you advice, I can't help it, I'm opinionated), and you are part of a couple, I will tell you that it is *very* important that your sexuality not be engulfed by your masturbatory activities.

If masturbation is truly your sexual activity of choice, see if you can find a way to pleasurably involve others. Do you like to be watched? Do you enjoy phone sex? In my assessment, anything you can do to involve a second (or third or fourth) in your sexual activities, will ward off the possibility that you will eventually evolve into a person who can enjoy sex ONLY with themselves, and by themselves.

And penises were meant for sharing, guys.

The Masturbatrix

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Interview with a Masturbator

I had the chance to chat with Richard from Peter Files this evening: below is the first few minutes of the interview. You will find a link to the complete interview underneath.

Topics covered include compulsive masturbation, masturbation's addictive properties, exhibitionist masturbation, same-sex mutual masturbation, and balancing masturbation with a full and complete lifestyle.

The Interview:

The Masturbatrix:: So tell me - how long have you been a masturbator?

Richard: I started masturbating at about 13, I think. so that makes about 40 years

The Masturbatrix:: Do you recall the first time you masturbated to orgasm?

Richard: Doesn't EVERY male?!!!

The Masturbatrix:: I suppose they do! Tell me about it.

Richard: It was an accidental discovery. I had no idea that it was possible. I had a vague understanding of sex, but no idea I could have an orgasm on my own.

Richard: I had been having erotic dreams for several months, some of them wet, but no ejaculate noticeable Also, I had been playing a lot in the bath, trying to replicate the extraordinary feeling of the dreams, erecting my penis and thrusting it out, etc. No clue how to properly stimulate it. I was using soap as a lubricant (bad idea: causes rashes), and had myself really well soaped up.

I was sitting on the edge of the tub, feeling the tub rim slip up between my buttocks cheeks, and holding my penis, wiggling it this way and that. Suddenly, I felt the most amazing feeling. A tension I couldn't explain. My first thought was: I'm having a heart attack. My second thought was: If so, I don't want it to stop.

The Masturbatrix:: (laughs)

Richard: That was my first orgasm. I didn't even notice if I ejaculated; too much soap I suppose. I thought maybe I had broken something inside. But still I tried to repeat the experience. It was several days before I was successful...

Click Here to read the complete masturbation interview

Spaghetti Shoebox Fuck

Oh tell me you haven't heard of the spaghetti shoebox fuck?

I mean I thought everyone had tried it at least twice...

I was about 21 when I first started talking naughty on the phone. I was on a call with a man who wasn't saying much, and I asked what he was doing over there, on the other side of the line.

He says: "Well...I have a shoebox full of spaghetti and I am fucking it."

I didn't get it. I was only 21, and an innocent 21 at that (despite the fact that now - then/now - I was an innocent 21 year old fledgling phone sex operator.)

So I asked him to explain what the hell he was talking about.

He said: "Well, I took a shoebox, cut a hole in the end of it..."

Now the picture was becoming clearer...

"And then I cooked up a box of spaghetti, drained it, dumped it in the shoebox, let it cool down..."

Please note: don't fuck a scolding hot box of spaghetti. "Must let spaghetti cool down." Add that to your spaghetti fuck instructions, please.

"And now I am sliding my dick in and out of the hole. Feels good!"

Mmmmm pasta.

Later that week, I told my mom about the spaghetti fuck, while we were driving in the car together. She seemed like she was listening. When I was done telling her the story, she said:

"Oh wow, look at that house over there, it's STILL for sale!"

There are things you can tell moms, and then things you can't. Evidently, they don't mind if you are a phone sex operator, but they don't want to hear about spaghetti shoebox fucks.

Make a note of that.

The World's Only Spaghetti Shoebox Fuck Masturbatrix

Friday, January 12, 2007

Sshhhhh.....Masturbating in Bed

Topic for Discussion:

Have you ever masturbated in bed, to completion, with someone sleeping (or whom you assume is asleep) next to you?

If so, who was it?

Did they wake up?

If they woke up, what was their reaction?

If they didn't let you know they woke up, at the time, did they mention it, directly or subtly, the next day?

Post your reply in Comments

The Masturbatrix

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Masturbation Techniques

You know what would be cool....

(Maybe I'm just dreaming here...)

Would be to work out way through this list:

Masturbation Techniques

...on VIDEO - and post the resulting videos on xtube.com or some other public video display site.

Anyone want in?


I love playing with a cock almost as much as I like watching someone play with their own. Actually, if the mood is right, I might like playing with one more than I like watching.

I don't prefer playing with a non-slippery cock. I don't like giving "grab and jerk" handjobs. I like it very slow, very slippery, very teasing. I like to use the cock as a joystick, controlling the man's entire body with just the tips of my fingers on his shaft.

But I don't like how it feels to slide my hand up and down an unlubed cock.

And it's not that I am personally opposed to the way it feels to me - instead, I worry that it doesn't feel as good to the cock, as it would if it weren't slippery. From my perspective, it feels like it feels a little uncomfortable.

And how many of you guys are thinking, "What! ANY hand on my cock feels good, lube or no lube!"

But in my experienced, the reaction with lube is more intense.


My solution has been: SPIT

Lots of split, viscous and slippery and thick, the way my spit gets when I have a cock in the vicinity that might end up in my mouth. Like some development of kinky evolution - surely the human body is not designed to produce a special consistency of saliva, when a cock is near a mouth...But somehow, my own physiological evolution has brought me to the point where I produce THE WORLDS MOST PERFECT HANDJOB LUBRICANT - right in my mouth! - when I am getting ready to stroke a cock.

And though I like having a cock in my mouth every now and again, I like to use the special handjob spit supply, when it starts flowing, for just that: Long, slow, slippery handjobs.

One time I was giving Mr Ally one of these looooong sexy handjobs and he said in the middle of it, "Wow, you're doing that like a professional!"

Mr Ally has, at times, been a frequent visitor to "jack joints".

I took that as a compliment. I don't have nearly as much experience as a jackoff professional.

But I'm sure I put much more passion into it.

Aaaah, for the love of a slippery cock in my hand! With that, I'm off to visit with Mr Ally for a while...

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Masturbator's Poll: Have you Ever Masturbated on the Phone...

...and the person you were talking to didn't know it?

Leave a comment and let me know.

How Much Masturbation is Too Much?

I'm asked that quite often. My opinion is, if your masturbation doesn't interfere with leading a full and productive life, and if you are not causing any physical damage to your penis, then stroke away! When you get to the point where you are sacrificing other responsibilites and life pleasures, in order to sneak away for some stroking time, then you may want to think about cutting back.

Abby's Sexal Health posts a Q&A which puts the average number of male masturbation sessions at around 8 to 9 per week.

In your experience, is that pretty accurate?

Leave a comment and let us know.


My Current Favorite Masturbation Story

One of the hottest masturbation stories Mr Ally has shared with me goes like this:

Two years ago, when he and I had been together for about a year, and he'd just moved down to NY for a new job, he developed a mutual crush on a little office girl. Being that I am into sharing the wealth (within guidelines) I told him to go for it; he just had to report back to me with any kinky events that transpired as a result of his pursuing.

He was commuting between MA and NY, and would usually be home Thursday through Sunday. One Thursday night we were out at dinner, catching up on the week's events, and I asked "So what'd you do this week?" He said oh, worked on some projects, bought a new kitchen table, and "Oh, and I jacked off in front of the office girl."

He was a bit hesitant to share the details, as this was his first "extracurricular" experience in the year we'd been together, but he soon realized that it was very erotic for me to hear the details of his jackoff session, so he went on to tell me:

They'd been at lunch and he told her, when we're done with lunch I want you to get up and walk out to the parking lot, get in the front seat of the car, and I'm going to get in the back seat and jack off.

Which, he did! Then, evidently, they just went back to the office and resumed their workly responsibilities.

She thought this was hot, I thought this was very hot hearing about it, and as far as I know there were no more jackoff shows for her...

...but in my imagination there were many, many more.

Second hand jackoff stories (especially the true ones) are almost as hot as live shows.

The Masturbatrix

Where are you guys all coming from?

I assume most of my readers are guys, but I could be wrong.

Anyway - where are you all coming from?

I am pleasantly surprised by the number of readers my blog is getting. I started it about ten days ago, and haven't linked it to too many places...and already we're getting almost 200 visitors a day.

So tell me - where did you find my Masturbation Blog?

Please leave a comment and let me know - I'm a curious Masturbatrix!


Under the Desk...Literally

Now tell me...Is Mr. Ally the only one who's ever done this?

Mr. Ally has some pretty impressive entries on his professional resume, and goes to work looking pretty GQ'd out. One of my favorite pre-Me stories of his masturbation adventures occurred when he was working for a very large company peripherally involved with the security of our nation. For a period of time while he held this position, one of the items on his daily to-do list was taking his laptop under the desk with him and jacking off while watching housewives peform naughty sex shows on webcam, in their kitchens and living rooms, under his direction.

Now one might think that at the offices of a company with such responsibility as protecting national security, there would be sufficient video surveillance to prohibit such illicit activities during worktime - such was not the case.

No, free from the camera's prying eye, Mr Ally was free to carry out his daily directorial activities, under his big wooden desk, and no one was the wiser.

Except for me, later on, after he'd left that place and moved into Allyland.

I'm thinking, that must have been some pretty big desk to be able to accomodate a man nearly 6 feet tall, a laptop computer AND a flailing palm and forearm!

Many of my masturbation fantasies revolve around a man engaging in such risky at-work masturbation activities. The wrongness of it, the boldness, the height to which the desire has risen, high enough to lead a man to decide that jacking off under the desk to housewife webcam porn is a pretty good idea - it's just so hot.

So I want to know - is he just a masturbating freak? Or have you guys done similar things as well?

Masturbation Mistress

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Share Your Stroking Secrets

Stroking Question of the Day

Where is the most unusual place you've ever masturbated?

And sub-question: Have you ever masturbated in the men's room at work? Extra points for masturbating under your desk at work!

Have you?

Post a Comment and let me know!

Here are some I have heard in the past:
- a car, driving down the highway
- under the desk at work
- men's room at work
- parking lot of a supermarket
- hiding between racks of clothes in a department store

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Career in Masturbation, Continued

Okay, so Masturbating Mike has sent me an email requesting that I continue my story of how I made a career in Male Masturbation. I will tell you a bit more of that story in this post:

The year was 2002, and I had dabbled in online marketing and site building for about four years at that point. I had also returned to the adult erotic phone call (or "phone sex") industry, which I had first been involved with in college, back in the early 90's.

I enjoyed the phone sex stuff for the most part - being a fan of male masturbation, it was the perfect gig for me. But something about my job could be improved: Working for someone else, on a "general" phone line, I pretty much had to make the best of any call that came my way.

As time went on I started to think: Why not create a phone sex line that attracts the types of calls that I enjoy - namely, male masturbation that focuses on the act of masturbation, rather than having the masturbation be an afterthought, or something going on in the background while we discuss any number of fantasies that don't necessarily appeal to me. There were a few other topics that appealed to me as well, such as feminization of men, erotic humiliation, cuckolding - basically, any fantasy that allows the woman to be in a position of erotic control.

And most of all, I wanted to hear guys jacking off, and I didn't want them to be embarrassed about it, and I didn't want them to try and hide the noise of it from me, and I wanted them to tell me exactly what they were doing, and even better, I wanted to tell them exactly how I wanted them to do it.

So to avoid the accusation that this blog is merely a marketing tool for my other websites, I will refrain from telling you the name of my masturbation website. If you look hard enough, you can find a link to it here on this blog. But that's not essential...I'd rather you stay here for the time being, and be audience to my personal thoughts.

If that's okay with you...

So anyway, I started this masturbation website, and over the past four years I've started, oh, about 20 or 30 other websites, all with the same basic theme - "Women on Top". In fact, I contacted the webmaster of "www.womenontop.com" to inquire if the URL was for sale, and indeed it was.

For $20,000!

I don't think so. This isn't 1999, after all. So if there are any ridiculously weathly readers out there who'd care to acquire that URL for my birthday or something, I'll graciously accept it for you, but for now, my current collection of URLs will suffice.

And back to my career...

So I started this Masturbation website back in 2002, and it's still going strong. Back then, there were about 5 other masturbation lovers working with me (We each call ourself "Masturbatrix", which I think is a really cool word.) Now, there are about 30 masturbation-loving Mistresses working with my website.

And we all love to hear guys jack off.

And that's the story of my masturbation career, for now....

A Masturbator Speaks (er...writes...)

Here is a letter I received from a reader of the Masturbation Blogs (posted with the author's consent):

I just discovered your masturbation blog and commented on it. I had never realized there was such a thing as a masturbatrix and I have been fascinated by the idea ever since I discovered your blog a couple days ago. Also, because my wife is this way, I assumed that women did not enjoy watching men masturbate. I know men love women, but I didn't know it went the other way too. I guess that is one of the reasons that your blog caught my eye.

Anyway, here is my most recent masturbation session (yesterday), that is if you don't count the edging I did in bed last night. I took off early from work right after lunch and went to Target where I purchased a bag of wooden clothes pins and some KY lube. I think part of the thrill is at the check out where I chose a young 20's check out girl who had piercings in her nose and ear. I actually got an erection in the checkout line thinking about whether she knew what I was up to. Then I went home and took off all my clothes and stood in front of my big mirror in the bathroom. I was already rock hard at the thought of what I was about to do. I love looking at my cock in the mirror and I have always enjoyed jacking off in front of the mirror.

Anyway, I started putting the clothes pins on bottom of my scrotum. By the time I had put 34 pins on my scrotum, I already had pre cum spilling out of my slit. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to attach any to my shaft without shooting my load. I stopped for a minute until the twiching subsided. Then I was able to put 12 more along the base of shaft. To stroke, I put my fingers along the side of my cock and moved the skin back and forth. I could feel the heaviness of all the pins swaying back and forth. It wasn't long before I shot a pretty good load on the counter. Taking the pins off after I shoot my load is kind of painful - in a good way. Before I did, though, I made sure to take a nice long look in the mirror at my cock being pinched by all of the pins - such a sight!

That's one of the many reasons I love masturbating - I absolutely love my cock and I get such a rush looking at it whether it is twitching with anticipation or just plain rock hard. Hope you enjoyed the description of my activities yesterday. I don't get to take time off work very often, but when I do I try to take advantage of it.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

I Want Comments!

Okay guys, this is what I'm hoping for.

I would like to turn this blog into an ongoing, interactive chat between masturbation lovers of both genders, with the focus on women who like to watch guys jack off. I have plenty more to post here, and if you leave a comment and tell me what you'd like to see written about here, I'll be posting regularly.

Share your thoughts! Tell me about your most recent masturbation session. Make it fun for me and I'll make it fun for you.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Making a Career out of Male Masturbation

If you've found your way to this blog via my Phone Madame blog, you may already be aware of the fact that I have made a career out of male masturbation.

I have not started this blog for the purpose of promoting my masturbation career. I've started it to have a venue in which I can share my more personal feelings, without worrying about how it will affect my career and image, "over there", in the online male masturbation world I have created over the past four years.

So, if you've found your way here from the not-so-prominent links I've placed on the other blog - Welcome! You'll see a side of me here that you won't see in the other world.

For those of you whose first awareness of me comes from this blog, I will be posting soon to share the story of how I made a career out of my love for male masturbation.

Monday, January 1, 2007

Male Masturbation Fantasies

All of my fantasies involve male masturbation. All of them. I never fantasize about interacting with a lover - I totally enjoy sex in the real world, but in the fantasy realm, I am almost never there in the fantasy (does anyone else have this sort of fantasy theme going on? Post a comment and let me know...)

I am almost always a passive observer in my fantasies. And almost always, I am passively observing a man masturbating. And to add a bit more to what some might call the monotony of my fantasies...the person in my masturbation fantasies is almost always the person with whom I am involved.

What gives? Hahaha

But why look a gift fantasy in the mouth, I suppose! If it works for me, then it works for me.

Many times the subject of my fantasy will be something that my boyfriend (current masturbatory subject) has told me turns HIM on. I've wondered, could it be a once-removed sort of thing? Such as, the mind categorizes certain things as "turn-ons" early on, and neglects other things...and so, later in life, have I come to only be able to be turned on by "new" things, if removed from them - in the form of fantasizing about watching someone else get turned on by these things?

Two fantasy subjects that were new to me with my current partner: transexuals and violence. You'll never meet him, so I can tell you all that he is into these things. Now, I would never, ever fantasize about either of the subjects, with my own mind. But fantasizing about HIM fantasizing about these things? Or fantasizing about him engaging in fantasy scenes involving these things? Sure, that does it for me!

Well gosh, I need a flow chart just to figure this all out. But then again, I suppose I don't need one. Analysis is rarely sexy. So, I'll just close my eyes and think about the last thing he told me he jerked off to, and I'll do it too. I mean, how else could I ever enjoy a violent tranny fantasy on my own?

Catholic guilt, Bah! My brain can and has run psychoanalytic circles around any Catechism instructor!

May I Cum?

My Boyfriend, on Xtube

Early in the Christmas season, I found xtube.com - I know it's been around a while; I found my way to the site when I saw a post on some message board about the fact that they'd reached 1,000,000 members.

So that got me thinking.

My boyfriend has a very sexy video of himself masturbating. Totally naked, no one else there, just him and the camera, getting to know each other. It looks great. I've thought about that video many times since I watched it - it still "works".

He's also expressed an interest in making his cock into an Internet Star. Not himself, just his cock. He's too entrenched in the corporate world to go "facial", so we'd have to limit our marketing and production to just neck-down videos.

And that would be okay. He looks great from the neck down as well as the neck up.

So I got this idea. I have the masturbation fetish, he has the Internet Cock-star aspirations. How about a digital video camera for Christmas?

We only live together half the week, so, my perverted thinking was selfish, of course: make him film all his jackoff sessions, put them up on xtube, and I could watch them. Jackoff videos: just like being there.

Then we took it to the next level. I said, I will make you an xtube cock start and then we'll start a site featuring videos of you masturbating. What would be the hook? I know, "The guy who jacks off everywhere." Film him in the shower, the kitchen, the living room, the car, the hotel room, the office, my office...We even got as far as to register a domain name for the site: www.thestrokingman.com (dont go there, there's nothing there - yet.)

He said, no one would pay to see a headless guy jacking off. I said, xtube is one of the most popular sites on the Internet and all there IS on that site is headless guys jacking off. If you cum, they will come. I thought the idea could fly, with the right promotion behind it. I still do.

So we ended up getting a wide screen television instead: on another message board I was reading, someone posted a link to a 42" flat panel on sale at amazon.com, with free shipping! But we got the video camera anyway, a few days after Christmas, for yet another website idea that's being tossed around, and we did produce some "editing practice footage" of - yep - a masturbation session.

Ya'll wont ever see that one, not even you future members of the future strokingman.com site: Its way too sterile and staged and it's incomplete because I made him stop and we shut off the camera because, well...because watching him "do that" makes me want him to stop doing that and...do something else.

So, we did.

But watch for a headless guy stroking his meat on xtube soon...See if you can pick him out in the crowd. He's the one with me in the background, telling him how to stroke it...

May I Cum? Orgasm Denial Training

I Have a Male Masturbation Fetish...

See, I have a male masturbation fetish. And it's taken most of my lovers a while to accept that when I ask them to tell me about their masturbation activities, I am not poking fun: I am getting off on it.

And one of the sexiest masturbation stories I've been told is a short one...a former lover, on a redeye flight, window seat and sleeping fellow passengers in the middle and aisle. Doesn't want to wake them up or climb over them to get to the rest room to rub one off, so...

Hand in pocket. Tissues down the front of the pants. Slight movements so as not to repeatedly elbow middle seat passenger. Long session, but ultimate success.

GOD I don't know why that turns me on so much but it does. I fantasize that I am, perhaps, the middle seat passenger, and I wake without opening my eyes, to the ever-so-slight sensation of the forearm of window seat guy moving. This of course would be toward the end...for about 80% of his session he was able to proceed with hand motions only, but now, nearing the finish line, the forearm must get involved.

I wouldn't open my eyes. I wouldn't let him know I knew what he was doing. Not until he was done. Then when the forearm movement stopped, I would turn my head, open my eyes, and ask, "Need a tissue?"

Soooo sexy.

May I Cum? Orgasm Denial Training

Do You Keep a Masturbation Blog?

If so, please post a comment here with a link to your blog, and if it's sexy, I'll make sure it gets a permanent link.